ENGL 203 - Advanced Expository writing


The main goal of English 203 is to help you develop a distinctive and powerful written voice. Unlike our basic course in composition, which covers the fundamental structures of college writing, English 203 emphasizes writing as a wide ranging skill, extending beyond the college curriculum and requiring increasing sensitivity to the special needs of different audiences and different contexts.  You will develop these skills and this sensitivity through two different kinds of assignments.  First, a series of case studies involving writing in contexts beyond college will allow you to develop a sense of the importance of audience and of the need for several different kinds of written voice. Second, a series of classic longer essays will allow you to practice the combination of analysis and authenticity expected of sophisticated writers.

Here is a list of books for the class. I've put some links in, but you should feel free to get them anywhere you like, including the college bookstore. To make sure you get the right edition, make sure the ISBN numbers match.

Hacker, Diana.  The Bedford Handbook for Writers. St Martins Press. ISBN: 031248013X

Williams, Joseph.  Style : Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace. Addison Wesley. ISBN: 0321288319

Lunsford et. al. Everything's an Argument With Readings. Bedford. ISBN: 1457606046